Måste välja inriktning till sista terminen, gaaah!!

Nu är det fasiken snart över. I fem år har jag pluggat nu, och det är endast EN ynka termin kvar. Det var länge sedan jag studerade engelska, nu är det dags igen till hösten. Och den här gången ska jag skriva C-uppsats på engelska.
Innan jag börjar måste jag dock välja inriktning till hösten, och två kurser ska läsas inom det området (och uppsatsen ska skrivas på det temat). Nu går jag igenom den OMÖJLIGA uppgiften att välja mellan Litteratur och Lingvistik, gaaaah, hjälp!!!! Dessa är kurserna jag får välja mellan, inom respektive inriktning:
This course offers a survey of modern narrative theory. It begins by providing an account of the emergence of various forms of narrative theory, and continues by concentrating on distinct concepts and themes. The concepts include plot, narrator, point of view, focalisation, narrative genres, models of communication levels, narrative interests, and fictionality. The themes cover Bakhtinian, feminist, Marxist, rhetorical, functional, psychoanalytic, and spatial theories of narrative.
Proceeding from the observation that mimesis, or the representation of reality, is one of the oldest issues in the history of literature, this course aims to introduce you to central arguments that have evolved around realism, broadly conceived. What is meant by realism? How does realism relate to the real? Is realism a style, a literary period, a political attitude, or a rhetorical trick? These and related questions, including also postmodern perspectives, will be addressed in the course. The readings are divided between literary texts and critical commentary that ranges from Plato and Aristotle to contemporary theory; each seminar will be structured around an authoritative intervention (or set of interventions) in the debates on realism.
The course deals with aesthetic and decadent literature from the 19th century, beginning with its roots in Romanticism and following the movement through to the point at which decadence feeds into modernism. Central is the concept of ‘art for art’s sake’, with the course focusing on how this concept challenged the aesthetic and literary conventions of the 19th century, in particular the ideas of ‘realism’ and ‘naturalism’. Additionally, the course considers the ways in which the aesthetic movement related to traditional ideas about the relationship between art and reality.
This course provides a thorough introduction to the syntactic features of the English language, as well as an introduction to the foundation and argumentation of at least one of the leading syntactic theories, currently Construction Grammar. 
This course provides the students with an overview of theories in the subject of semantics, broadly defined to encompass all types of linguistic meanings, as well as practice in applying them to authentic examples from different types of discourses or texts. Central parts of the course deal with the connection between a language's semantic structures, cognition and cultural phenomena, different kinds of meaning functions and their interaction, lexical and grammatical meaning relations, morphology, word formation, idiomatic constructions, polysemy and homonymy, and the semantic foundation of text coherence.
 Ingen information funnen om kursen.
Jag ÄLSKAR grammatik och lingvistik, men jag LÄR UT litteratur, inte sjukt avancerad lingvistik... Måste bestämma mig innan fredag!!

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